The Beginning of Lane Cove Music

Longueville-Northwood Music Club was formed in 1946 and, despite a couple of subsequent name changes to Lane Cove District Music Club then Lane Cove Music, those aims of first class entertainment and performance opportunities have remained through the decades since. Venues have changed of necessity – from the Lane Cove Masonic Hall to the Lane Cove Town Hall and to LCM’s current site at St. Andrew’s Church of England behind Lane Cove Post Office. Nothing stands still – even the current venue’s name was changed a couple of years ago to Lane Cove-Mowbray Anglican Church!

Alf Pollard took on the presidential role in 1984 until his death in 2000.

Since the beginning of 2001 Alf’s daughter Christine Butters née Pollard has capably filled her Dad’s shoes….

Rev. Blanchard held the position of President for the first 40 years with Agnes Smart the Founding Musical Director for 43 years.

Our membership exceeds 100 and audience numbers are boosted by visitors to each of our six annual concerts. Our purchase in 2016 of a new Kawai GX6 Grand Piano has enhanced our concerts and is much appreciated by artists and audiences.

Who’s Who

A list of those who have performed at the Club is a “Who’s Who” of the musical world.  Just to mention a few from the ‘”old days” – Joan Sutherland, Peter Dawson, June Gough (Bronhill), Ronald Dowd, Lauris Elms, Isador Goodman, Frank Hutchens and Lindley Evans; in the 1990s Tamara Cislowska, Nicholas Milton, Richard Tognetti, Amelia Farrugia, Simon Tedeschi and Natalie Chee and, more recently, those currently making a name in the musical world: David Fung, Pascal Herington, David Elton and Anna Dowsley,  four talented Lane Cove musicians who are now being acknowledged by audiences at home and abroad. See our previous concerts. For a more comprehensive look at our history, see Celebrating 75 years of Lane Cove Music .

Lane Cove Music is actively involved with Sydney Eisteddfod. Each October we present a concert featuring the ten best solo instrumentalists in the 12-15 year age group.

These awards are offered in memory of Alf & Pearl Pollard and are made possible by the generosity of their six children (pictured).

Lane Cove Music Founder - Rev. Blanchard
Lane Cove Music Artists - Pollard Siblings