Outstanding concerts for Lane Cove and the wider community.

Next Event     12 March 2024 // 7.30pm

Duo “Amuse-Bouche” present Music for the Soul

Enjoy and marvel at the virtuosic hands of Saxophonist, Dr Michael Duke and Accordionist, Dr Michael Kluger as they take you on a wild music journey, traversing sophisticated Parisian cafes, through bustling Italian brasseries and into throbbing Argentinian nightclubs. They present the authentic music of the streets with unbridled passion … .

Bookings open on 20 February 2024.  

Current Season Concerts

Booking is essential due to Covid-safe requirements at our venue

Since its foundation in 1946 Lane Cove District Music Club, now Lane Cove Music, has traditionally provided a wide variety of quality classical, semi classical and jazz concerts for Lane Cove and the wider community. Our concerts have recently been enhanced by a much complimented instrument – our beautiful new Kawai GX6 grand piano.

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We would like to thank the following supporters :

Lane Cove Council for their generous financial grant each year.

Sydney Eisteddfod for combining with us to present an annual concert of young prize winning instrumentalists.


Federated Music Clubs Of Australia Inc with whom we are affiliated.